Dr. Fox has been managing patients with Low T for over 10 years.  TRT is  short for Testosterone  Replacement Therapy.  Not  everyone qualifies  for treatment.  Contrary to local radio ads, the condition of testosterone deficiency isn't unique to Construction Workers or First Responders.  While the rigors of their jobs may bring the condition to the forefront, anyone over the age of 40 can suffer from testosterone deficience.   Treatment for this condition has some areas that need proper management.  Subtle side effects can lead to failed therapy, or worse other conditions can arise.  Traditional treatment for androgen deficiency shouldn't cost you any more than treatment for say high  blood pressure, diabetes, or hypothyroidism. Unfortunately  for many, they are opting to go into advertised programs with high fees and lengthy contracts that require them to be seen monthly.  In these programs, all they see are patients for TRT.   Dr.  Fox  feels it is important that if you suffer from this condition, then you should be able to use your regular insurance for standard treatment.  He also feels if you don't have insurance that cash price for your therapy shouldn't be financially burdensome.

Do you suffer from Low T ? 

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Testosterone in men is a hormone produced primarily in the testicles. Testosterone helps maintain men's:

Sex Drive

Bone density
Fat distribution
Muscle strength and mass
Red blood cell production
Cardiovascular Health

Mental Outlook


Do you suffer from low energy, depression, erectile dysfunction, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, foggy thinking ?

Have you experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion ?

Have you utilized opiate medications for long periods of times ?

Are you 1/2 the man you use to be ?

Need your situation evaluated by a someone with experience ?

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Important Note:   Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is for recognized medical conditions.   Therapy is not prescribed for those seeking increase athletic performance, competitive or not. Therapy will only be prescribed to those after the appropriate lab testing, coupled with a history and physical that ascertains a medical condition exists. Acceptable conditions include androgen deficiency, and menopausal / peri- menopausal conditions.  Those patients under current therapy with a different provider will be required to have records faxed directly to us for review prior to being considered as a new patient. We use innovative approaches to a universal problem, Low T.

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